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Jamal’s Chicken: A ‘cluck-tastic’ delight

From crispy tenders to zesty buffalo chicken wraps, enjoy a tasty meal at SDSU’s newest dining spot
Nicole Hayek
Jamal’s Chicken opened in the Bell Pavilion for the spring semester

A new restaurant has opened up on San Diego State University’s campus for students to nourish their brains with bites.

Located on the right side of the campus food court in Charles B. Bell, Jr. Jamal’s Chicken offers a variety of items for students to choose from. 

Jamal’s Chicken combo 2 includes chicken tenders and French fries. (Photo by Nicole Hayek)

The menu includes snacks, drinks, crispy chicken meals, sandwiches, wraps, salads and all-day breakfast. For students looking for a quick bite, the snacks section of the menu includes mac and cheese, fried pickles, an assortment of fries and similar items. 

Chicken and waffles, tenders, Philly cheesesteaks and buffalo chicken wraps are among the many main meals sold at the restaurant. Vegan chicken tenders are offered for plant-based customers as well. 

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Students are given the option to choose from a range of the delicious 16 sauces to pair with their meal. This list includes the “best sauce ever,” honey mustard, mango habanero, hot honey and many more. 

A menu essential at the eatery is the “Combo #2” meal, which comes with two golden crispy chicken tenders, fries, a fountain drink and any selection of sauces. 

The tenders are cooked to a perfect crisp, and seasoned to awaken the taste buds with every delicious bite. The crunch is contrasted with a soft and juicy interior, causing a craving for more. 

The fries are also cooked and seasoned to greatness, making the perfect meal. When paired with a savory dip, these menu items are certainly attention-worthy. 

Another restaurant gem is the buffalo chicken wrap. This zesty combination incorporates an array of vegetables, including romaine lettuce, tomatoes, celery and carrots with crispy chicken bites covered in buffalo sauce and shredded cheddar cheese. Wrapped in a tortilla, each bite of the buffalo chicken wrap is a delicious combination of flavors.

Jamal’s Chicken Buffalo Chicken Wrap is one of the items offered at the new restaurant. (Photo by Nicole Hayek)

The eatery also accommodates students with busy schedules as the restaurant is designed in a way that is time efficient. Students form a swift-moving line, deciding what to eat before arriving at the checkout counter, as the options are largely displayed.

The menu contains prices and calories for each item so that students can be certain of their selection. Customers simply order and pay at the “order here” sign and collect their food at the “pick up here” sign. 

Those seeking a moment of relaxation while they enjoy their food can do so at the many tables offered within the food court.

Jamal’s Chicken is open Monday through Thursday in hours 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. for students looking to stop by to feast on some chicken tenders. On Fridays, this meal-plan-friendly option is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., welcoming both morning and evening chicken lovers.

Jamal’s Chicken is a clucking amazing contestant for food enthusiasts’ must-try list. 

About the Contributor
Natali Gonzalez
Natali Gonzalez, '23-24 Arts & Culture Editor
Natali Gonzalez is an MA student in Rhetoric and Writing Studies. Originally from Ogden, Utah, she got her BA in English Teaching from Weber State University. While there, she worked as a research assistant examining the role of technology in K-12 education. She also worked for Upward Bound as an instructor and tutor. Now, at SDSU, she looks forward to learning about professional writing alongside increasing her knowledge about teaching practices. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys being outdoors, especially exploring the San Diego beaches and going on hikes, and doing yoga and meditation.