Campus diner grills fast favorites to juicy perfection

by Brittany Fasano

Chelsea Massey, Staff Photographer
Chelsea Massey, Staff Photographer

Buddies Burgers is San Diego State’s version of In-N-Out Burger. However, with a vast assortment of fresh toppings, soft toasted buns, juicy patties and perfectly beer-battered fries, this restaurant gives its rival burger joint a run for its money.

Ask anyone on campus and the answer is irrefutable; Buddies Burgers has the best burgers around.

Red, black and white paint coats the inside of the restaurant, sporting Aztec pride accessorized with flat-screen TVs and the owners’ family photos. This place is definitely not an average fast food joint. It is clean, affordable, aesthetically pleasing and, not to mention, delicious.

But don’t be fooled by its name. Fresh, 100 percent beef hamburgers aren’t the only appetizing menu items available. Other popular items include hot dogs, salads, specialty sandwiches ranging from melts to grilled chicken and fries prepared in assorted delectable ways.

The hot dogs are also 100 percent beef, grilled to perfection with mustard and onions served on a hot dog bun or with Buddies’ own mouthwatering chili. Secondly, the salads feature a mixed green salad, a medley of garden-fresh iceberg and romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, carrots, onions and crisp cucumbers tossed with the customer’s choice of dressing. Buddies also serves a Caesar salad with a mixture of romaine lettuce, croutons and Parmesan cheese. It serves delicious sandwiches such as the Buddie Melt, which is two slices of melted American cheese between a 100 percent beef patty with grilled onions on rye toast. Plus, the Buddie Buster is available, which is a 100 percent beef patty covered with American cheese, grilled pastrami, crisp french fries, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and the succulent Buddies Special Sauce on a toasted French roll.

Those who would prefer to go meatless may want to try Buddies’ grilled cheese sandwich, which consists of two pieces of white toast topped with a hint of butter and a flawless combination of melted American and cheddar cheese.

The fries at Buddies are beyond comparison. Beer-battered, they are perfect for any meal or served alone. The Good Ol’ Fries, which are crispy and golden brown, are just right to complement any burger or sandwich. Also, diners cannot miss the chili cheese fries if seeking a spicy snack or sweet potato fries if craving a sweet indulgence. Buddie Tots and Buddie Rings, which are perfect for a crispy gratification, are all made fresh to order.

Buddies’ cold, smooth, handmade shakes are also the perfect treat for a warm San Diego day.

In addition to the exceptional menu items and upbeat atmosphere, this restaurant offers quick and friendly service perfect for grabbing that tasty bite between classes. With so much convenience and quality mere steps away from campus, why wait?

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