The Daily Aztec’s Scariest Urban Legends

by Staff

Bloody Mary. “I went to Catholic school and we had to turn thelights off, but we were told not to play it (Bloody Mary).”


Cow-tipping. “I like it because I’m really shallow and I wished Iwas raised on a farm because I like to fondle chickens.”

SunnySea Gold

Light as a feather. “While my sister and friends were doing itsomeone screamed and the girl fell. She had stucco from the ceilingon her cheek.”


Cow-tipping. “It’s just funny imagining a bunch of morons tryingto push over an animal 10 times their weight.”


Man in the back seat. “I can’t take even thinking about thatstory. I always check my backseat. It gives me goosebumps justtalking about it.”

Rossvon Metzke

Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights. “My worst fear isthat when I’m in the dark something is going on around me that Ican’t hear.”