PsBTW app rewards deal-seeking texters

by Amy Devito

Brooke Valls, Staff Photographer
Brooke Valls, Staff Photographer

In a generation ruled by of smartphones, the only way to survive in the sea of SMS airwaves is to be equipped with the most modern applications.

Phone conversations and personal interactions have become secondary to efficient texting and virtual substitution. However, with a faltering economy and demanding prices for the latest technology, any money-saving offer can make a substantial difference.

Ps By The Way is an innovative resource for Android smartphones, granting users free text messaging communication and possibilities to earn rewards. Established by San Diego State and California State University San Marcos alumni, this enterprise is just beginning to launch, and prompting users to sign up to participate in an active testing or beta stage. The company is now progressively working with advertisers and phone users in a productive effort to foster a favorable system for all.

“The basic concept is if a business is willing to pay 10 cents for you to look at a coupon, then why not pay you (the phone user) half?” cofounder of PsBTW Adam Pollock said. “Instead of the user keeping the money for themselves, why not have it go to a collective account for the organization? Now you could have 100 people or more passively earning money for their organization. This is the goal we are striving for, the ‘paid-to-text’ fundraiser.”

To access PsBTW, Android users can download the application free of charge during this trial period, without interruptions to the existing SMS account.

Although participants cannot access rewards now, they will be the first eligible customers to earn coupons. As an added bonus to free drinks and reduced rates on food, users will be awarded 5 cents for each offer once the trial period has ended. With a steady rate of 10 coupon views daily, this adds up to approximately $180 a year in savings.

Personalized flash opportunities with mobile coupons are periodically attached to incoming text messages, offering deals for Pita Pit, Cheba Hut, Aztec Tan and others. To encourage purchases, texters can access their earnings directly through PayPal as soon as the account reaches $10. Coupons display a range of discounted prices and most are valid for 24 hours.

Rewards are typically delivered for local businesses and websites, so users can simply go to the counter and show the text, or type in the promotional code for Web-related deals. The company’s “Smart Mobile Coupon” is a graphical, full-screen, interactive feature that maps the location and grants access to Facebook and the business Webpage for contact information.

Additionally, it scans the texts for essential terms that may tap into relevant deals within convenient reach.

Participants can be from anywhere in the country. This includes large companies or small student-run organizations.

“Currently we are working with Sigma Nu at SDSU as well as other organizations at CSUSM to jump start the PsBTW fundraising program,” Pollock said. “It’s based in San Diego and we are doing our initial beta rollout at SDSU. With the large concentration of students and surrounding businesses, it’s the perfect place.”

With texting at the forefront of modern-day communication and phone bills, why not reap some rewards for all that text? The launch of PsBTW is offering just that.