Greek is the gateway to life

by Staff

more than a bunch of beer-guzzling party animals.”

Once again Rush Week has arrived at San Diego State University. The greek organizations have geared up for a week of festivities for their spring recruitment drive.

The main question for many students at SDSU is “Should I rush a house?” Students wonder what benefits pledging a sorority or fraternity will bring, and whether they belong in a greek organization at all.

Over the years, millions of college students have gotten involved in the greek lifestyle. Becoming involved in a house was one of the most significant decisions in my life. I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to become part of a team.

Students often rush a house just because they know there will be free entertainment and free food when they get there. Some rush because they think joining a house will help them later in life. Others rush because of the friendships that will be made in the house. Still others rush because of the beer and the babes or the boys, respectively.

Whatever reason you decide to show up, have something to eat and talk to the brothers or sisters. See what it’s all about because there are some misconceptions about greeks being nothing more than a bunch of beer-guzzling party animals. Nothing is further from the truth. But you will never know unless you find out for yourself.

For whatever reason you decide to rush, choosing a house is an important decision. There is only one criterion to use in making this choice: Do I like and respect the individuals in this house?

Don’t let anything else make your decision for you.

College is a special experience that not all people get to go through. While you are here, many opportunities will be presented to you, opportunities that create lasting memories you will cherish your entire life. For me, Rush Week is an experience I will not forget.

More than that, Rush is a gateway to a world of experiences that I love to reminisce about. I hope the university provides these kinds of experiences for everyone.

Like many other students at SDSU, I came to San Diego after leaving my friends behind in Northern California. There is no better part of greek life than the friends you will make, friendships that last a lifetime.

Some people feel self-conscious. They think that just because they are not the image of what they think a greek is they shouldn’t even check out Rush. There couldn’t be anything further from the truth. Not every house is a cookie-cutter of the others. Style is nothing unless it’s your own.

Getting involved in an organization that suits you is one of the most important things you can do with your college career. Greek organizations have a tradition of helping students get all they can out of the university.

James Holter is a journalism senior and writes a weekly column for The Daily Aztec. His e-mail address is