Advertisers rush to cut Limbaugh

by John Anderson

MCT Campus
MCT Campus

Prominent advertisers are jumping ship on Rush Limbaugh following his comments toward Georgetown University Law Student Sandra Fluke. The nationally syndicated radio talk show host called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” earlier this week in response to her testimony at a Senate hearing regarding birth control.

Limbaugh proceeded to demand women who receive birth control post their sex videos to YouTube as payment for subsidized birth control. He has since apologized for his word choice in a written statement and on his show.

The uproar generated from the remarks has led advertisers such as AOL and ProFlowers to withdraw their advertising dollars from the program. Radio stations in Pittsfield, Mass. and Hilo, Hawaii have dropped the show entirely.

Social networking sites such as have begun large campaigns against the host. Users are making phone calls, sending emails and doing what they can to put increased pressure on advertisers to drop Limbaugh.

While many have called for a boycott, Clear Channel has not indicated it has plans to drop the show, which has between 15 and 20 million listeners.

As advertisers flee, Seeking, a prominent “sugar daddy” dating site, has announced interest in buying advertising from Limbaugh. In a press release published by PRWeb, CEO Brandon Wade said, “Rush Limbaugh is one of the greatest examples of the modern day Sugar Daddy.”

The long-term health of the show remains unclear. One thing is certain, Limbaugh remains controversial as ever.

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