Professor connects with students

by Elisse Miller

On Friday, San Diego State honored professor Dr. Sanford Bernstein by electing him as speaker of its annual Albert W. Johnson University Research Lecture. The lecture series, named after the former SDSU provost, honors “faculty members for outstanding achievement in research and scholarship.”

Stephen C. Welter, Vice President for Research and Graduate Dean, began the event by introducing Bernstein and outlining why he is an important leader at SDSU. Bernstein “arrived enthusiastically” to SDSU in 1983 and has received continuous funding for more than 25 years, proving the local, scientific community truly supports him. Despite his achievements, Bernstein is “better known as Sandy” to students and faculty because above all else, “He is a doctor who helps people.”

Following this list of accolades, Bernstein began his lecture titled “Learning to Fly: Understanding the Basis of Muscle Function and Disease.” His talk centered on his current research, which examines the effects of the mutated protein myosin in fruit flies. This can help scientists understand mutated myosin in humans, which sometimes leads to heart and skeletal muscle disease.

Bernstein’s quick wit and humorous insertions geared the speech not solely toward science lovers, but rather all students attending.