Social media use effective in sports

by Antonio Morales

Social media has had a great effect on a lot of things; the world of sports wasn’t excluded from the party.

Athletes, fans and members of the media have utilized social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to enhance the experience for everyone.

Fans can use social media to interact with athletes and media members who cover their favorite teams. The connection can turn sour at times, though.

After a loss to UNLV in February, fans took to Twitter to criticize SDSU sophomore point guard Xavier Thames.

Thames handled the situation well, but it was an example of how close the connection between fans and players can become because of social media and how malicious it can be.

Many Aztec athletes have a Twitter; former SDSU football players Ryan Lindley and Ronnie Hillman are some notable players who have them. Almost every player on the men’s basketball team is active on the site.

Some of the biggest advocates of social media in the world of sports are sports journalists. Journalists use social media outlets in a variety of capacities.

Live-tweeting sporting events is a way for journalists to keep the fans who may not be able to watch the game updated on the outcome.

Journalists can also use Twitter and Facebook to link to their stories or break news about the teams they cover.

Journalists, like the rest of the sports community, realize social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon as it has become ingrained in the world of sports.