World News 5.8.2012

by Ana Ceballos

MCT Campus

Last nuclear reactor shuts down

During the weekend, Japan shut down its last remaining nuclear reactor, making it the first world major economy to run without any nuclear power. This decision was triggered as a consequence of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, after a tsunami and earthquake hit the country in March of last year.

On Saturday, thousands marched celebrating the shutdown, while at the same time waving banners for Children’s Day, which automatically became a symbol of the anti-nuclear movement.

Japan relied on nuclear plants for about 30 percent of its energy. This summer it’s preparing for an energy usage increase and is increasing its imports of fossil fuels to battle the tough times.


Flood kills 26 people

After eight hours of endless rainfall that began on Sunday, 26 people were found dead in several districts of the Sar-e Pol province in northern Afghanistan.

According to officials, more than 100 people are missing and rescue workers fear the toll will continue to increase,


Mysterious animal deaths unsolved

Officials in Peru are investigating the sudden death of hundreds of dolphins and pelicans off the northern coast of Lima. Last month, 538 pelicans were found dead and there is still no explanation as to what caused the death of these birds.

The Brucella bacteria is one of the possible causes being taken into consideration by the health ministry in Peru, and officials are now advising people to avoid beaches in Lima.

Preliminary reports have already ruled out seismic waves caused by oil exploration and the bird flu.


— Compiled by Senior Staff Writer Ana Ceballos