iPomp and circumstance

by Courtney Rogin


Those in the class of 2012 will have spent the past 17 years memorizing dates, adding fractions, writing endless papers and forgetting Scantrons. This is it. We are finished. For many of us, come next week, that proverbial cliff we have been teetering on for the past semester will become a reality. As we prepare to bonfire the past four years of lecture notes and doodles, there will be countless memories to look back on. So here are 12 songs to remind you of childhood, high school, last week’s party and everything in between.

“These Are Days” – 10,000 Maniacs
I decided to start out with a classic ‘90s pick, mainly because, as the song says, these are the days you will look back on years down the road.

“It’s All Been Done” – Barenaked Ladies
I’ve always associated this song with summer and backyard barbecues with family and friends. Summer vacation is on the horizon — it’s seven short days away.

“Forever Young” – Youth Group
This was a song I held close to my heart in high school and still has a lot of logical value. The song is all about how life is shorter than you believe, so never let an opportunity pass you by.

“Feel So Close” – Calvin Harris
For all those needing a song for their celebratory dance down the aisles of Viejas Arena during commencement, this is your song.

“Time To Pretend” – MGMT
Welcome to the rest of your lives, this is prime time of your life, you can be anything, even president. MGMT takes the time to remind us that “We’ve got the vision, now let’s have some fun.”

“In The Diary” – The Ataris
Just remember that yes, you are no longer in college, and to have fun and “follow your heart.” Also, every playlist needs a great karaoke-in-the-car song.

“The Middle” – Jimmy Eat World
Mainly because hearing this song for 1,345,825th time just makes it all the sweeter. Angsty “Bleed American” Jimmy Eat World is still the best to this day.

“I’ll Be There For You” – The Rembrandts
Go ahead and clap along, you know you want to. They have the magical ability that makes a horrible day sound so positive.

“Ooh La La” – The Faces
“I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger.” Who didn’t learn endless life lessons in college, like how not to wash red socks with white tees?

“Wild World” – Cat Stevens
Life is always going to have its ups and downs and this is for the down days. Curl up in bed with Ramen and erase the day.

“Graduation” – Vitamin C
Until the end of time, this will be the graduation song everyone refers to, puts on mixes and tears up at least once to. All I need to say.

“Someday” – Sugar Ray
I end this mix with a song dedicated to all my best friends; everyone has that one song that defines their friends.  This is mine: Sugar Ray Pandora is best listened to wearing silly hats.