Ways to get out of a terrible date

by Ana Ceballos

Thomas Skov, Staff Photographer

Oh, dates. They’re great, aren’t they? At least for ladies, date night means a cute guy who is interested enough in you will splurge on you with dinner, ice cream or a boba tea. Not only will he spoil you, but there will also be a storm of compliments about how pretty you are. Unfortunately, not all dates are like that. Some are meant to perish along like a mysterious warm section in a pool. Here are different scenarios on how to get out of abominable dates.

1. The crowded room date

You are trapped in a crowded place with a creeper rather than prince charming. Do not fear, this is an easy escape. Whether you are at a concert, fair, festival or the crowded food court at the mall, tell your date politely you need to go to the restroom and do not return.

2. Romantic table for two

So everything looks great, you sit down at a romantic table for two and once the conversation starts, your date brings up a porcelain doll collection. If you have a smartphone, get the Fake-Call Me app ready. Answer the fake call and act as if your fake sister just went into labor.

3. Dinner and a movie

This is a tough one, but it’s still doable. This technique is similar to a dine-and-dash. Try to stay for the entire meal and be polite so your date won’t suspect you’re just with him for the free food. (If you’re not the one paying, that is.) After dinner there are two options. Option A: thank your date for the dinner and make up an excuse. Option B: If your date was a real punk, let them pay and then ditch them by using the bathroom excuse.

4. Hiking date

You are hiking. Need I say more? Just run!

Side note: Only use these in case of emergencies. People do have the right to date no matter how creepy and freaky they might be.