Medved highlights success

by Tara Kistler

Christopher B. Keller, Staff Photographer

It’s not every day one of the world’s leaders in entrepreneurship comes to San Diego State, but Jonathan Medved did just that on Oct. 22. Medved traveled from Israel to speak with students in the Lavin Entrepreneur Program, sharing his success story.

Medved, known as the “Start-up King” is recognized for his multimillion-dollar companies and the huge suc- cess rate of the businesses he invests in. The New York Times called him one of the, “ten most influential Ameri- cans in Israel.” Medved is currently working with the Is- raeli education program Stand With Us to launch the “Israel Startup Nation Series,” a pro- gram that explains how Israel handles global problems from an entrepreneurial and busi- ness standpoint.

A San Diego native, Medved graduated from University of California, Berkeley and studied abroad in Israel to learn more about his roots.

“Israel had a big impact on me,” Medved said.

He returned to find clients for his father’s fiber optic business.

He highlighted key aspects future entrepreneurs should put into practice.

“You need a huge market, great people, traction and an idea that is stupid simple to explain,” Medved said.

Students from all majors were involved in a discussion at the event and eagerly asked Medved questions until the end of the meeting

Business junior with an empha- sis in entrepreneurship Alex Mar- tinez attended the event and said Medved, “gave an awesome per- spective from his entrepreneurial journey. He just went out and did it.”

Medved explained after the discussion how when he was younger “business was not on the agenda.”

He also emphasized how now is the best time to invest in Israel. Business junior with an emphasis in entrepreneurship Monica Jiminez, said it was informative to learn about companies that were outside of the U.S. “Business is being a partner with God,” Medved said because he believes that through those means, a business can make sure it is ethical.

Medved closed with a hopeful message for future entrepreneurs nearing graduation.

“The greatest form of charity is to give someone a job,” he said.