Cinemas of the future?

by Elisse Miller

While movie ticket prices continue to rise, people feel they deserve an outing that’s not reduced to stiff seats, peeling wallpaper and stale popcorn. Two companies now aim to revolutionize the concept of the movie theater. Cine´polis and ArcLight Cinemas are two luxury theater companies to recently expand to Southern California. Both boast an innovative moviegoing experience that entails comfort and sophistication rather than mediocrity and disappointment.

One unique aspect is both theaters serve alcohol. Sitting down for a flick with your favorite beer is no longer limited to your living room couch.

Gourmet food items can also be found on the menu. Dishes such as Chinese chicken salad and spicy lobster sushi rolls replace large ICEEs and too-salted pretzels.

You can also say goodbye to back pain and leg cramps. Upon entering the luxury theaters, you’ll find plush, spacious seats instead of the worn and folded variety of regular movie theaters. The ArcLight even offers a reserved seating service, in which you can select precisely which seats you want, making early arrival to save spots unnecessary. Conveniently, this service can be accessed while purchasing your tickets online, in person or via an app.

Aside from showing new releases, the ArcLight is also home to various events, such as film exhibits and screenings of classic films. While the lavish elements contribute to the moviegoing experience, the purpose of visiting the cinema remains the same—to see a film. Fear not, the cinemas themselves have also been taken to the next level. Both audio and visual components utilize the top digital technologies to deliver complete clarity. These features are more evident when applied to ever-popular 3-D films.

Unfortunately, these perks come at a cost. ArcLight tickets start at $12.75 and only increase in price. Cinepolis tickets start at $14 and more. So the next time the cinema beckons you, consider moviegoing in style. Just make sure your bank account can accommodate the luxury.