CSU students to receive $249

by Ana Ceballos

As the California State University campuses prepared for a $250 million cut last semester, good surfaced when California voters passed Proposition 30.

As a result, the previously scheduled tuition fee contingency plan approved by the CSU Board of Trustees will allow San Diego State’s tuition fees to “rollback” to the 2011-12 fee levels, in addition to giving $249 back to some students for this semester.

Last year, SDSU faced a 12 percent increase in tuition in addition to a 10 percent tuition hike approved earlier in the year. Amid continuous fee increases, this month voters have granted higher education students a reprieve in the form of somewhat lower tuition and added more room for incoming eligible students.

“We are hopeful that Proposition 30 is a step toward rebuilding our educational system,” CSU Media Relations Specialist Erik Fallis said. “ Hopefully, this win sends a message to the state and allows them to recognize the challenge our educational system is in.”

According to Fallis, the approval of Proposition 30 was a huge relief for students. If Proposition 30 failed, tuition would have increased at all 23 campuses as the CSU system adjusted to the $250 million cut.

“Although there are still big challenges in our budget, this is a positive beginning to what could be the state’s reinvestment in higher education,” Fallis said.

Fees will now return to last year’s amount. SDSU students who paid the increased fee this fall can receive a refund or credit through Student Account Services, along with applicable financial aid adjustments.

According to an email from SAS, the fastest option to receive the refund or credit is by enrolling in the direct deposit program on the SAS website.

For those who have financial aid packages, the student reimbursement will be returned no later than Dec. 21. For additional questions regarding financial aid status or refunds, contact SAS at 619-594-5253 or stuaccnt@mail. sdsu.edu.