New Pres. causes stir in Mexico

by Ana Ceballos

MCT Campus

As Mexico’s new president, Enrique Peña Nieto, took an oath to restore peace and security to the people of Mexico, thousands of demonstrators presented themselves during the inauguration to oppose the return of the Institutional Revolutionary Party after a 12-year hiatus.

According to the Associated Press, during the inauguration last Saturday approximately 100 protestors were injured in clashes against police officers and 103 protestors were detained, including 11 minors.

According to CNN México, more than 5,000 officers patrolled the premises during the inauguration as hundreds of demonstrators banged against the steel security barriers around the lower base of Congress.

“I fear that our country is slowly becoming grimmer and grimmer thanks to its government,” Andrea, a student and Tijuana resident said without disclosing her last name in fear of retaliation from the government. “The corruption within PRI is not only disgusting, but it is dangerous for (Mexico’s) citizens.”

The protests, which began in July amid the results of the presidential elections, were triggered by his challenger, Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s belief that Peña Nieto bought votes and arranged favorable coverage from one of the biggest TV networks in Mexico, Televisa.

Andrea, who is also a member of Yo Soy 132, a new international student movement group and vanguard of the protests, said fellow protestors have been brutally beaten by police officers and sometimes even kidnapped from hospitals. She also said the abductions are likely to be a message to protestors from corrupt government officials.

“I joined this group because I disapprove of having my rights cheated on,” Andrea said. “Mexico’s democracy is being flushed down the toilet and it is all because of our corrupt government officials that continuously try to oppress the people.”

As manifestations escalate at a national level, hundreds of demonstrators unite to have their voices heard practicing their democratic rights. As planned, Peña Nieto took the presidential office on Saturday, focusing on the projects he promised and also expressed concern about the current demonstrations against him.

“I will respect every voice,” Peña Nieto said during his inauguration speech. “I will run an open government that speaks with honesty, seeks opinion, listens to its citizens … I will be a president who is close to the people.”