Local area concerns residents

by Ana Ceballos

As San Diego State students began the first day of school last Thursday, a San Diego police officer fatally shot a wanted parolee during a warrant search just six blocks away from campus. The Villa Del Sol apartments are located on Reservoir Drive, an area that is no stranger to criminal activity, according to the San Diego State Police Department crime bulletins. Reservoir Drive, which has multiple apartment complexes within the block, is mostly used as a parking street for nearby residents who do not have access to a private parking space. The block rapidly becomes crowded after 6 p.m. as residents return home. This is the time when most crimes are reported on the street, according to SDSUPD crime bulletins. Jose Diaz, a janitor who works for the Penthouse, Dorchester and Diplomat apartments cornering Reservoir Drive, agrees the block is known for criminal activity. Just three months ago he said multiple cars located inside garages in all three of the buildings and on Reservoir Drive were broken into in just a single night. Diaz, who often has to sweep glass off the street when criminal activity occurs at night, said there’s a higher probability of cars getting broken into if there are valuables visible in the vehicles. SDSUPD Capt. Lamine Secka suggests people be aware of their surroundings when walking alone at night in addition to securing personal property to avoid criminal temptation. “I live in the Dorchester Apartments just in front of Reservoir Drive and I’m forced to park there for lack of space where I live, but as a girl I don’t feel that safe walking there late at night,” child and family development senior Karina Escobar said. “Nothing has happened to me, but it’s definitely dark and I’m an easy target.” According to Secka, the San Diego Police Department has complete jurisdiction of the area and there are currently no plans to take any additional security measures to his knowledge. Secka added that because he doesn’t know about these plans to improve security, it doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any.