provides gamers an outlet to interact with others

by Hollyanne Setola

Twitch is a video-game-broadcasting website and community that allows gamers and non-gamers to tune into live streams, as well as watch previously recorded streams.  Beside broadcasting from around the world, Twitch also provides live feed of some of the biggest gaming events worldwide.  Twitch was launched in June 2011 and has evolved since its inception.

It now has more than 16 million viewers monthly and serves as the “ESPN” of gaming.  When exploring Twitch, you’ll definitely be entertained, as you can find just about anything, from gamers streaming “Counter-Strike” to “Farmville” or even “Wizard101.” It has also evolved to live streams involving real life live-action role-play.

As a streamer myself, it’s been interesting to observe how being a professional female gamer translates to viewers across the world.  Although I mainly get positive feedback, there are still a handful of people looking to cause trouble.

This video game-based interactive experience between streamers and viewers is something that hasn’t been done successfully before Twitch. It provides a different level of gaming both gamers and non-gamers can enjoy.

Someone well-versed in streaming is Jason “YetiNation” Grocholski, a fellow streamer on Twitch.

The Daily Aztec: What got you started with streaming?

Jason Grocholski: I love entertaining and I love playing video games. You put two and two together and you get


DA: What game do you stream most often?

JG: “The War Z.”


DA: How long did it take you to build up your fanbase to where you were getting paid from Twitch and how did you go about doing it?
JG: A month and a half. I contribute my success to being respectful and talking to my community, while also being good and knowledgable about the games I was playing.


DA: What do you think makes Twitch a unique form of entertainment?

JG: I think it is unique because you can find any type of personality to fit what you want to watch. You can be interested in a certain game, but with the variety of streamers, you can find anybody to suit your tastes.


DA: Do you enjoy streaming or does it just feel like a job?

JG: I do it because I love it!


DA: Do you see Twitch as an opportunity for people to see what certain games are about?

JG: Definitely. Twitch, in my opinion, is a great advertising tool for gaming companies. If people are interested in games and they are not interested in purchasing the game, they can watch streams and see what it is about.


DA: Do you think non-gamers could find entertainment on
JG: I think a non-gamer could easily find enjoyment; it’s like watching a TV show. It’s a form of entertainment like any other. You watch a certain show because you are intrigued by a character. You may not like someone on Twitch, but I guarantee you that anyone could find one stream they find entertaining. The way it is progressing, there is so much that is being streamed, including role-playing. What lies in the future of Twitch is yet to be discovered.