Shake Smart opens stand at Camp Pendleton

by Staff

Shake Smart, a company started by two San Diego State students in January 2011, is expanding its business.  The Shake Smart stand, located outside of the Aztec Recreation Center, gained popularity among students.

Last Monday, Shake Smart opened a new location at Camp Pendleton. Co-owner and SDSU alumnus Kevin Gelfand said Shake Smart has doubled its expectations for customer turnout.

“I am really proud of the accomplishments made by the company,” Gelfand said. “We are opening four more locations within the year and this is all possible because of the hard work and determination from the staff members.”

Gelfand said Shake Smart plans to open two more locations within the next two months in La Jolla and Oceanside.

Foods and nutrition senior Ciara Board said she’s proud that former students integrated healthy foods on campus.

“It’s great to see what students can accomplish when they put their best foot forward,” Board said.

Gelfand said Shake Smart is expanding not only its business, but also its menu. On  April 1, Shake Smart began selling Greek yogurt in addition to the variety of shakes it offers. Shake Smart also crafts peanut butter and banana sandwiches and acai protein bowls.

Founders Gelfand and fellow SDSU alumnus Martin Reiman were frequent gym-goers who felt SDSU’s fitness-conscience campus was missing the nutritional elements needed to maintain healthy lifestyles.

After seeing many students forced to consume diets high in sugar and fats because  of lack of healthier alternatives, Gelfand and Reiman decided to make a change.