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Campus Life Council discusses plans for academic year

AS Campus Life Council sets its goals for the year

The Associated Students Campus Life Council, during its first meeting of the fall semester, discussed a variety of goals for the upcoming year, last Wednesday.

The CLC is composed of a variety of committees with functions ranging from student health management to planning for the Aztec Student Union.

The Aztec Student Union: Construction on the Aztec Student Union is set to end in December, but A.S. is already gearing up for the opening. The Aztec Student Union will be open to students and faculty at the beginning of the spring semester, but the official opening ceremonies are not planned until March.

Vice President of External Relations Javier Gomez gave the council a layout of the planned events for the opening ceremonies.

“We are currently looking for high profile speakers for the event,” Gomez said. “We are even contacting the president but Michelle Obama would be awesome too.”

The Aztec Student Union planning committee said  they are currently in deliberation about having certain parts of the union open at all times.

Voter Registration Day: On Sept. 24 A.S. has a variety of events planned to encourage students to register to vote in time for the special mayoral election. CLC also plans to help inform students on the different mayoral candidates. It is currently negotiating to try to have several of the mayoral candidates speak on campus.

A.S. will also hold its own meet your reps event on Sept. 16 for students to meet the various A.S. representatives.

Homecoming: Sunday Oct. 20 marks the first day of a week of homecoming festivities. Starting with a kickoff brunch, this week will include the Aztecs Rock Hunger canned food drive as well as obstacle courses, scavenger hunts and variety of other activities.

The Aztecs Rock Hunger Committee  has plans to beat last year’s collection of more than 100,000 lbs of canned food it acquired during the drive.

SDSU Athletics: Associate Athletic Director Steve Schnall gave the council a presentation on SDSU’s goals for marketing its athletics. In his presentation, Schnall detailed plans to improve the SDSU tailgate parties with more food trucks and bigger DJ shows.

He noted one of their main goals for this season is to break the student attendance record of 11,000 at the upcoming football game against Boise State.

Schnall also said the Go Aztecs app is now available for iPhone and Android. This app will let students receive points for attending Aztec athletic events, which can  later be traded in at Aztec Shops.

“We’re trading tickets for adds all over San Diego,” Schnall said.

He assured the council that student tickets for the football games would remain unlimited.

Aztec Nights: During the latter portion of the A.S. CLC meeting, the Associate Vice President of Campus Life Tim Quinnan gave a solemn report on the success of Aztec Nights at achieving its intended purpose: giving students an alternative to the party-heavy nightlife of the first few weeks of the semester. Quinnan’s data showed  the majority of students who attended the events had a positive experience and the rate of students needing medical transport lowered significantly.

Despite positive reviews from students, Quinnan noted  the initial success Aztec Night had in lowering the rate of medical transports for students may have been short lived.

“Though the full data isn’t in yet we are optimistic about this year,” Quinnan said.

Following Quinnan’s presentation, the A.S. CLC began to discuss plans for a large-scale alcohol-poisoning awareness campaign.

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Campus Life Council discusses plans for academic year