Crime beat 2-24-2011

by Hutton Marshall

Burglary at Sigma Chi
At approximately 1:30 a.m.  last Friday, non-student Anthony Johns was arrested for public intoxication after an “attempted burglary” of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Reportedly, Johns attempted to enter the house through a window while the fraternity was having a party. He was spotted halfway through the window and the police, who were conveniently next door at a different fraternity party, were notified. Johns, who was very intoxicated, was arrested outside Fraternity Row shortly after. When contacted, Johns was found carrying a nearly empty plastic handle of vodka.

SDSU Operators Harassed
Campus police recently received a call from the San Diego State Operator Services, which reported harassment from a male caller, identifying himself only as “Frank.” Reportedly, the man calls the operators only to “hear their voices.” He calls for illegitimate reasons, such as asking information about nonexistent students, then flirts with the female operators. When this occurs, “Frank” is transferred to a special line within the service created specifically to handle these calls.

Domestic Violence
Shortly after midnight, on the morning of Tuesday, February 15, the police received a domestic violence call about a disturbance between a couple on Hardy Avenue. Reportedly, the female involved in the disturbance was punching and spitting on the male when the police intervened. Chelsey Mullins, 22, was arrested for domestic abuse and transported to Las Colinas Detention Facility.

—Compiled by Senior Staff Writer Hutton Marshall.