The band from down-under makes its way to the top

The band from down-under makes its way to the top

by Courtney Brown

Atlas Genius has embarked on its second headlining tour, and its next stop is San Diego’s House of Blues on Sunday, Nov. 3. The brothers from Down Under are best known for the release of “Trojans,” their debut single. Since then, it has been stuck in everybody’s head, blowing up every radio station this summer.

Still, amidst instant stardom, the band is proving it’s far more than a one-hit wonder. These are guys that genuinely love what they do and have completely poured their souls into the music they make. Anyone that has ever had a conversation with lead singer Keith Jeffery would agree.

Using examples such as Rage Against the Machine and Death Cab for Cutie, Jeffery describes the power music has to unite a massive group of people and be personal at the same time.

“We make music that we would want to listen to. Doing what you love is important,” Jeffrey said in an interview.

The musicians that started out in a homemade studio in Adelaide, Australia were beyond stoked when a blog in New York praised “Trojans.”

“That would’ve been enough for us!” Jeffery said.

Little did they know they would soon be flooded with emails from countless record labels and producers. In regards to the tour, Keith is happy people at the concert support their new album, “When it Was Now.” When the band first began touring it was trippy enough for them to see crowds of people sing along to “Trojans.”

“We’ll perform at a show and the audience already knows the words to all of our songs; it’s really cool,” Jeffrey said

The fact that success still seems surreal to the musicians makes Atlas Genius’ performances more sincere. Jeffrey lent some of his personal insight by defining success in the music industry today as “being able to devote all of your time and energy toward your music.” In modern times, this is a luxury that many artists can only dream about.

Jeffrey’s advice for young musicians is to “spend time getting to know the basics about recording. You used to have to walk into a $5 million studio to record a song, and now anyone can just do it on a laptop.”

The brothers’ technological knowledge of what goes into the recording process plays a huge role in the precision of its sound.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Atlas Genius’ new EP, “When It Was Now,” do it. Jeffery expressed how enthusiastic they are to be back in San Diego, and the city is definitely ready for the Australian invasion.

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Photo courtesy of Jonathan Levine