SOLO Eyewear wants SDSU to be kind

SOLO Eyewear wants SDSU to be kind

by Tara Kistler

In its effort to make a difference in the community, SOLO Eyewear will be hosting an event at San Diego State on Wednesday, Nov. 13 to celebrate World Kindness Day. To recognize this day, SOLO Eyewear is hosting its own event called Acts of Kindness Scavenger Hunt.

The event is a campus-wide initiative aimed to encourage students, faculty and staff to go out of their way to make someone’s day better through an act of kindness. Organizations and students are invited to sign up for free as a team on the company’s Eventbrite website to compete for SOLO Eyewear sunglasses in a scavenger hunt on campus.

Teams consist of three to five individuals, and the scavenger hunt list will include 40 tasks to complete. Each activity on the list will be given a point value and each scorecard that is turned in will be counted for completeness. Tasks range from thanking a professor for his or her time and efforts in the classroom to serenading a random SDSU student.

The list will be sent out via email at 8 a.m., and students will have until 3 p.m. to complete as many tasks as possible. Some acts even incorporate the classroom, so students don’t have to miss classes.

Business management senior Kerri Polizzi is the program support intern for the Campus Representative Program at SOLO Eyewear. She first got involved with the company when she saw the opportunity to make a difference.

“It’s the little things; everyone can do these things but they can also see how something so easy can change someone’s day,” Polizzi said.

SDSU has had the most involvement with SOLO Eyewear in comparison to other campuses. Three years ago, graduate student Jenny Amaraneni had the idea to start the company in a classroom at SDSU. SOLO Eyewear  developed from there.

Integrated marketing junior Briana Stanley first heard about SOLO Eyewear when she was pledging the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. Since SOLO Eyewear is one of the organization’s sponsors, she decided to become a campus representative this semester. What captivated Stanley was the company’s vision to give a portion of the profits for each purchase to people needing eye surgery.

“Last year I participated in the Acts of Kindness Scavenger Hunt and I thought it was really fun; it was a bonding experience for me and my friends,” Stanley said. “I’m excited for the fact that it just brings happiness to people’s day and adds that community feeling to campus. I want it to promote future acts of kindness going beyond the event itself.”

Spanish and acounting Analissa Juarez is on the programming side of SOLO Eyewear events. After hearing about SOLO Eyewear from the Entrepreneur Society of SDSU, Juarez joined to learn the skills necessary to own her own business.

“I want it to be a tradition on campus one day so students know that once a semester there will be an Acts of Kindness day,” Juarez said.


Photo courtesy of SOLO Eyewear