Art Under the Dome: The Hausmann Quartet


The Hausmann Quartet: left to right: Guillaume Pirard, Issac Allen, Alex Greenbaum, and

by J.D. Hodges

The Hausmann Quartet performed Friday as part of the “Art Under the Dome,” a series of events corresponding with an art initiative.

The “Art Under the Dome” is a partnership between Love Library and the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. The performances are meant to showcase the talents of San Diego State students and foster learning experience.

Love Library marketing and communications specialist Roberta Niederjohn said that since the first performance on Nov. 8, 2013, “Art Under the Dome” events are usually weekly on Fridays and occasionally Tuesdays.

“We’ve really received a lot of positive feedback from the students who happened to be in the library during one of these pop-up performances,” Niederjohn said. “Some have just been passing through the building when they heard the music or saw the dancers, and they stopped to enjoy the performance.”

The Hausmann Quartet is comprised of Isaac Allen, Guillaume Pirard, Angela Choong, and Alex Greenbaum. For this performance they played the violin, viola and cello. All of the members of the Hausmann Quartet are artists in residence at SDSU.

“We teach chamber music and we also teach violin, viola and cello, and try to enrich the rest of the campus with our music,” Allen said. “We’ve also played for the business entrepreneurship class and help out with the strings in the orchestra.”

Love Library Dean Gale Etschmaier said the program will help bolster student’s interactions with the arts.

“We are really excited about the arts initiative at the library,” Etschmaier said. “A lot of students have not had exposure to the arts, and this is part of the library’s mission to expose students. Students who have had exposure might be a little bit away from that and this is a good reminder for them.”

The performance only lasted about 15 minutes; it was a teaser to the full performance held on Friday night in the Smith Recital Hall. The short recital still attracted a crowd of students.

“I wasn’t expecting this, but this was a pleasant surprise,” Japanese senior Nyzla Lugan said.

The next “Art Under the Dome” is scheduled for Friday, March 7.

“I think it’s a great way to learn about the music program,” interdisciplinary studies senior Clarissa Slagle said. “I think it’s great to be able to study in the library with music like this too.”

More pictures from the performance can be found on the library’s blog.

Pictures courtesy of Roberta Niederjohn.