Stylish sushi served at swanky eatery

Stylish sushi served at swanky eatery

by Kelly Hillock

Upon entering Tokyo Sushi Loha, you’ll find yourself in a club-like atmosphere with loud electronic dance music and colored lights dancing around the walls. Located on El Cajon Boulevard in College Area, this trendy sushi spot boasts a suit of samurai armor and strange sculptures in the foyer. But don’t let the cat-whiskered samurai suit deter you, Loha is a favorite hangout for college students and community members alike.

Loha offers a variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, noodle entrees and, for the less adventurous, steak or chicken teriyaki at reasonable prices. Rolls average at around $4 and entrees around $9. I ordered the chicken yakisoba and the large portion was satisfying and filling enough for me to bring home leftovers. My roommate ordered miso soup and a crunchy roll. She loved its extra crunchy tempura. While the loud EDM prevented us from much conversation, we both agreed our food spoke for itself. The ambiance at Loha is beautiful, so low-budget Aztecs can feel fancy without breaking the bank. The plating presentation reflects Loha’s unconventionality, making that first bite all the more delectable.

Loha has bar seating, where patrons can either watch the chefs or the game. The restaurant also offers cozier table seating and an outdoor patio. A dinner at Loha completes the San Diego State experience because of its hustle and bustle. With plenty of stimulation for all senses, Loha is best suited for a fun, affordable night-out close to campus.

Photo by Staff Photographer Chelsea Massey