Share the wealth of free basketball tickets


San Diego State's Viejas Arena will host an NCAA basketball championship tournament this week. File photo.

by Sabrina Shahawi


These are two words I always find myself reading when I visit the Viejas Arena ticket booth. Tickets for the San Diego State men’s basketball team have always been a hot commodity because the games create an atmosphere that no other event on campus can replicate. Tickets are even more desirable since the team was ranked No. 5 in the nation.  Did I mention tickets for SDSU students are free? Sounds pretty great, right?

Typically, die-hard Aztec fans wake up early, stand in line at 6 a.m. and wait until the ticket booths open at 10 a.m. to get tickets. However, many students either don’t have the energy or time to get these tickets because of the excessively long lines. In addition, many students live off campus and don’t want to drive to school earlier than they need to. You would think that students would still be able to pick up a ticket at a decent time of day, such as 12 p.m. At SDSU that’s not the way things work.

Those who are able to get game tickets early in the morning and wait in line are either adamant about attending the game or happen to have the time to go.  Those who don’t are either not going to the game or have to pay the price.

Many students at SDSU are selfish.  They wake up early when tickets go on sale, get to the ticket booth and pick up their golden ticket. I say “golden” because these students end up selling their tickets for money.

Go on any SDSU Facebook page created by students on game day, and there will be plenty tickets for sale. Ticket prices can range from $20 to $60, which is a ridiculous amount considering they were first obtained for free.

I personally love the basketball games, but have unfortunately only been able to get a ticket to one. For the past couple of weeks, whenever the tickets go on sale, I have class. By the time I get to the ticket booth, the tickets are all sold-out. I make the effort to try and get a ticket, but they sell out so quickly.  It’s annoying that my class schedule conflicts with the sales times and the only way I’d be able to go to a game is by purchasing a ticket.

The purpose of the tickets being free is that students who want to see the games can go without having to spend extra money. SDSU wants true fans to attend the games to create intense student sections that will cheer the team on and intimidate the opposing fans. The purpose of the free tickets was not for students to sell them for personal profit, but to help support the basketball team. SDSU gives these tickets away so the team can have home court advantage and keep genuine fans out in the crowd to cheer on the team.

Fewer genuine Aztec fans attend these games now because so many of these students don’t have the money to buy tickets from other people. I know many fans that haven’t been able to go to the games because of this scheme that other students are pulling just for their own personal gain. Yes, many may argue that if they are true fans they should just make the effort to get tickets. Realistically, life gets in the way and there are many ircumstances that prevent people from doing so.

If students don’t want to go the games, they shouldn’t get free tickets. If money is the issue, they should get a job. It’s unfair to use fellow Aztecs to make money and the tactic is unsupportive to the men’s basketball team. SDSU is a school of spirit, pride and community togetherness. Aztecs should start supporting one another rather than using each other to make money.




Photo by Chelsea Massey, Staff Photographer

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