Crime on Campus

by Luke Henning

Pedestrian contact

At 9:50 p.m. on Saturday, March 1, two pedestrians were stopped and questioned by the police while walking down the sidewalk of the 5200 block of Campanile Drive.

San Diego State Police Department Public Information Officer Capt. Joshua Mays said the two were cited for carrying open alcohol containers as they walked.

SDSU student gets DUI

At about 1:4o a.m. on Sunday, March 2, an SDSU student crashed into a fire hydrant outside of Parking Structure 1.

According to Mays, the busted fire hydrant was spewing water into the air when police arrived.

“The damage to the car matched the damage to the hydrant,” Mays said.

The driver of the car was uninjured, but was arrested by police on the scene for a DUI Mays said.

Two stolen cars recovered in one day

At 11:55 p.m. on Sunday, March 2, a stolen car was recovered from the parking lot of the McDonalds on Montezuma Road. At 2:41 a.m. later that evening, a second stolen car was recovered on 55th Street.

Police cars are equipped with license plate scanners that are constantly checking the license plates of cars around them and comparing it to a stolen car database, Mays said.

The two cars are currently being swabbed for DNA, which will be analyzed in a crime lab before the police can pursue further action.