A.S. Vice President of External Relations candidate

Photo by Monica Linzmeier,   photo editor

Photo by Monica Linzmeier, photo editor

by Luke Henning

Position: Vice President of External Relations (unopposed)

Name: Jacqueline Karczewski

Year: Junior

Major: Integrated Marketing Communications

What is your main goal for the position?

My main goal for this position is to be a representative of students at San Diego State. I aspire to do this by marketing SDSU to the surrounding community with a positive light, creating awareness of ongoing legislation in the California State University system that pertains to all students, and making students knowledgeable of current campus events and involvements.

Why do you think you would be a good fit?

I believe I would be a good fit for this position because I love SDSU. My passion for leadership will shine through in all aspects of this position.

I want to utilize this opportunity to give back to our university and be an advocate and voice for my peers. My past leadership experiences and marketing background have prepared me to take on this role.

I have faith my active, positive, and driven personality makes me a great fit for vice president of external relations.

What are some past leadership experiences that have prepared you for the position?

I believe my experience on the Associated Students Campus Life Council as the Community Service Representative has prepared me for this role. It has helped me understand how A.S. operates and what positive attributes A.S. brings to enrich campus life.

My commissioner and I have brought so many new ideas and plans to the A.S. Community Service Commission. We are putting on the first ever, A.S. Community Service Expo on April 9, 2014, participating in Relay for Life, and planning a bowl-a-thon to benefit charity in the new Aztec Student Union.

My experience serving on Alpha Phi’s executive board has also prepared me for the role of Vice President of External Relations. My position, V.P. of campus affairs, has taught me how to overcome challenges, how to collaborate with different opinions, and be a voice of the members in my community to SDSU. I can exercise these skills as the role of VP of external relations to market SDSU to our community, enrich campus life with new ideas, and successfully create awareness about legislation affecting SDSU students and spreading the word about ongoing campus events.

What other campus affiliations do you have?

In addition to serving as the current community service representative on the Campus Life Council, I sit on various other A.S. boards including the Good Neighbor Program, the Community Service Commission, and the Marketing and Communications Board. I am also a member of the Alpha Phi Sorority and the American Marketing Association.

What is one interesting thing about you?

All of the children in my family’s names start with the letter J.

Photo by Monica Linzmeier,  photo editor