Save some dough this spring break

by Melissa Artobello

Spring break is about going at your own pace. Whether you want to take it slow or get some adventure in, here are some suggestions for impressing a date on a budget.

Hiking Destination

Enjoy the great outdoors and beautiful scenery and get some exercise this spring break by taking a hike at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. Choose from four different hiking trails. The Guy Fleming Trail is a 0.7 m¬ile loop that takes you through diverse scenery of sandstone formations, ocean vistas, and forest. Razor Point Trail follows the Canyon of the Swifts towards the bluffs. Broken Hill Trail is the longest trail and gives you a scenic overlook of the “broken” hill. And the Beach Trail is the least scenic trail, but is the most popular because it takes you straight to the beach and Flat Rock.

Date Night In

Hell, don’t even leave the house for a day. Just have a lazy day indoors and enjoy a nice dinner and a movie with friends or a significant other. Here are some dinner/movie combinations to help you out:
“Forrest Gump” and Shrimp Scampi: This movie is a classic and obviously you have to watch it while eating some form of shrimp.
“Ratatouille” and French Onion Soup: Kick back with this cute Disney movie, and don’t even bother cooking ratatouille. Instead, try this quick French onion soup recipe.
“Listen to Your Heart” and Chicken Parmigiana: Get your heart ripped out by this romance movie and cry into a delicious chicken dish.

Pub Quiz at Rosie O’ Grady’s

For some, a mindless night out drinking doesn’t quite fit the bill. Some people are looking for a more intellectual way to spend their evening. Every Tuesday night at Rosie O’ Grady’s, located at 3402 Adams Ave. The World’s Finest Trivia hosts a pub-quiz. You can show off your trivia skills during the four rounds of 10 mind-boggling questions or sit back and watch your best friend’s inner-nerd come out. For an added bonus, happy hour lasts all night and the hole-in-the-wall kitchen they have back by the bathrooms is pretty damn good.

Bottlecraft Beer

Are you more comfortable around trendy bearded gentlemen in plaid than a group of fancy winos? Or do you just plain enjoy good beer? Bottlecraft Beer Shop in North Park is a unique little shop where you can pick up just about any type of beer bottled in San Diego, and you can enjoy it right there in the shop or take in home. If you do choose to stay in the shop, try one of the ever-changing menu items, and enjoy the self-serve beer from the fridge.