Kearny Mesa spices up San Diego

Jenna Mackey

Jenna Mackey

by Michelle Monroy

The Kearny Mesa area is about a 15 minute drive from campus. With more than 20 coffee places, grocery stores and eateries within a mile of each other, Kearny Mesa is easily accessible for foot travelers.

The area has lots of ethnic foods such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean food to choose from. Nine fitness facilities and 11 libraries within a mile of each other stand in close proximity. Convoy Street is where most of the shopping centers, restaurants and coffee shops are located. It’s about six miles away from Pacific Beach and about 10 miles from La Jolla.

A one-bedroom apartment has an average rent of $1,054 per month. According to city data, the median contract rent for a house is $1,757. Renters occupy a little more than 8 percent of houses.

Most of the people that live in the area are 20 to 39-year-olds. Almost 60 percent of people who live in Kearny Mesa are married. It has a population of about 2,700 people and an average household income of $71,000.

Convoy Street is heaven on earth for a closet otaku or anybody who enjoys Asian culture. Mitsua and Marukai Markets are good places to binge on anime, manga and Sanrio while munching on Yan Yan cookies and suchi rolls.

Yakitori Yakyudori and Ramen is a good place to stop by if you’re on a budget and looking for an elaborate bowl of ramen for about $10. Feel free to pack on sides orders such as fried dumplings and a boiled egg for your ramen bowl. If you’re feeling brave, you can try spicy miso soup but have a glass of water to chase it with and a napkin for the tears that accompany the spicy goodness.

Zion Market is a compact version of what you can find in South Korea. There’s a variety of savory food places to eat in the building and a Paris Baguette bakery which is based off a chain in South Korea. You’ll find kawaii desserts, coffee and milk teas. There’s also a grocery store, beauty store, and kpop stores inside.

Manna Koream BBQ is the weekend hotspot if you’re in the area and want to spend a pretty penny on a platter of basically raw meat. This place gives you the opportunity to dive into Korean cuisine by serving you the raw meat plate of your choice so you can cook it on the hot stove in the middle of your table, which is surrounded by side dishes that decorate your table like confetti.

Because finals looming in, check out Pangea Bakery Cafe where there are as many outlets as there are pastry choices. It’s a good place to relax on a couch or study at a table with your best friends, espresso and laptop.

Photo by Jenna Mackey, senior staff photographer