David J, Sky Parade perform at The Hideout

David J, Sky Parade perform at The Hideout

by Hayley Spence

The Hideout hosted David J, along with Sky Parade and The Midnight Pine on April 28. The small and intimate venue made an ideal Monday night out, if you didn’t mind staying out late. The Midnight Pine started it all off with their simple, yet beautiful folk music that fit the bar as much as it fit the people sitting in it.

The band was simple: a singer, a guitarist and a tambourine player, with a little piano in some of their songs. There wasn’t anything loud or crazy about their songs, they were just low-key, which was a great way to start the night and gear the audience up for the more rock-sounding genre of David J.

Following The Midnight Pine was Sky Parade, with their soft rock sound. This band seemed the most flustered, as if they were just killing time, and it cast a bad mood in the bar.

There was a lot of chatter of disappointment and discontent among the die-hard David J fans for having to wait until almost midnight to hear the band play.

Watching David J mingle through the crowd of his fans was also a little disappointing. One would think someone with such a dedicated fanbase would be more welcoming to their following. David J seemed in a foul mood the entire night, and gave the atmosphere an uncomfortable feel.

Everything settled down once the music began to play. People listened for a few songs but the bar then began to empty out, and only the most faithful stayed behind to hear David J perform. He had an almost Elvis Presley sound, that was fun and made you want to move your feet as he sang.

After a night of the venue’s changing from one place to another, then waiting around almost the entire night, it was obvious that fans weren’t as enthusiastic as they would have been, which put a downer on the feel and the atmosphere of the bar. Nonetheless, The Hideout was a perfect venue for an intimate performance by David J.

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Courtesy of Mila Reynaud

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