Crime on Campus

by Luke Henning

Drug bust in Zura 

San Diego State police responded to a drug related incident on the 2nd floor of B tower at Zura Residence Hall about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night.

Capt. Joshua Mays, public information officer for the SDSU Police Department said no arrests or enforcement actions were made and no report was taken.

The SDSU housing staff handled the issue because, while marijuana pipes are not illegal, they are against housing policy, according to Capt. Mays.

The students involved were documented and are expected to receive one year of probation, which prevents students from joining Greek organizations, among other things.

Sexual assault suspect arrested 

SDSUPD arrested a man under the suspicion of sexual assaulting another person. Neither individual is an SDSU student.

“Video footage, victim statements and witness statements were all used in the decision to make the arrest,” Mays said.

The man now faces an arraignment hearing where he will plead guilty or not guilty. After the arraignment he will undergo a preliminary hearing, trial, and a subsequent sentencing hearing if he is found guilty.

Additional information could not be released at time of writing this report because of the open investigation status.