Then and now: A letter from the editor

by Monica Linzmeier, Editor in Chief

Ask any editor of The Daily Aztec for the past 100 years and they will tell you that his or her year was the greatest, their year was the most exciting, the most daring, the most memorable year that San Diego State has ever experienced. Well, while we were putting together this issue of The Daily Aztec we have found that they may not all have been wrong.

We went through every year we have archived looking for the stories that were ground breaking at the time and what we came up with is pretty phenomenal. When President John F. Kennedy came to SDSU in 1963, The Daily Aztec was there. When the Internet was something foreign that needed explaining, The Daily Aztec was there. The school has come a long way and we intend to keep up.

Every year SDSU brings something new to the students, whether it’s good or bad, and we have been there covering it with our cameras and notepads. Now we think it’s time to cover it from another angle.

In this day and age, The Daily Aztec is heading toward a new direction. While we would never give up our physical presence on campus, we have redirected much of our attention to the web. This summer we went through a total online redesign. Visit the website to see the difference. Our look is different and our content is different.

In addition, we have added a video section to produce original content online Monday through Friday. Our videos will range from spotlights on SDSU musicians to sports broadcasts with our very own sports commentators and guests.

When something happens on campus we want you to have access to it in your preferred method. Whether that means following our updates on Twitter, reading our stories on Facebook or watching our brand new videos on the website, we want to your go-to source for SDSU news.

We also want to be where you are, so if you have a story pitch or if you want us at your events, just drop us a line at so we can make sure we are covering the events that matter to you. The same goes for anyone with issues regarding something we published. Each of our stories has a comment section online where you too can have your voice heard.

The past few years have been all about the hype of having our centennial. Although the past hundred years have certainly been exciting, I look forward to the next hundred years with a new outlook and I’m working to bring The Daily Aztec up to where it needs to be. With a new team in Associated Students and a new team at The Daily Aztec, 2014-2015 could very well be the best year yet.