Oggi’s slices into craft beer at SDSU

by Simon Shieh, Staff Columnist

Oggi’s is the only food establishment at San Diego State that sells alcohol and they do a pretty good job. Hungry Aztecs glide from the pizza line to the bar then onto the outdoor patio on sunny afternoons, or to the sports-themed indoor lounge on cold evenings. Oggi’s has a range of its very own microbrews, from light and sweet to dark and bitter, pleasing almost any kind of beer lover. It also carries beers from other breweries just in case one’s in the mood for something more familiar.

Oggi’s was founded in 1992 in Del Mar as a family-friendly pizzeria famous for its stuffed pizza. In 1995, the pizzeria decided to hop on the microbrewery bandwagon and started brewing its own beer.

Today, it calls itself a sports-themed brew house and boasts a wide variety of beers. Oggi’s most consistently popular beers are IPAs, of which the Torrey Pines IPA is the biggest crowd-pleaser. It’s a very intense American-style IPA that uses five different kinds of hops and has a fresh, clear taste without the metallic feel of other IPAs. It won a silver medal in the Great American Beer Festival in 2005 and was a grand champion in the United States Beer Tasting Championships. In San Diego, where beer drinkers love their IPAs, the Torrey Pines IPA is a fan favorite.

Besides its IPAs, Oggi’s also has a very popular light beer called the California Gold. Its creamy crispness would put a nice cap on a hot day at the beach and its low alcohol content makes it a comfortable afternoon beer. The California Gold has won gold and silver medals at the L.A. County Fair and is one of the most popular non-IPAs at Oggi’s.

There’s something comforting about going to a bar on your college campus. For on-campus dorm-dwellers it’s a great bet because there’s no driving involved. On top of that, peers around the same age surround the area, all of whom are looking to kick back after a long day of school work. This fun, relaxed atmosphere is perhaps Oggi’s most unique and attractive element. There’s little cause to fear the questionable individuals, loud music and tense atmosphere that often characterize other bars. Just watch out if you’re looking to grab a beer after a game — it can get crowded.

Overall, Oggi’s does a nice job of blending into the college campus

Grab a classmate after a day at school and try one of the signature brews. You won’t be disappointed. Just remember to drink responsibly.