Crime Beat: missing person found in jail, stolen golf cart

by Jamie Ballard, Staff Writer

On March 10, a woman reported a man who followed her from the music building to Parking Structure 4 and asked to take pictures of the bottom of her feet, according to a police report. He claimed to work for TOMS, the shoe company, and repeatedly asked the woman the same question despite her refusal. Police were unable to locate the man.

Missing from Fraternity Row

An individual was thought to be missing, but had actually been arrested earlier, San Diego State Police Department Capt. Josh Mays said. An individual had filed missing person reports for her brother with both university police and San Diego police. San Diego police responded to a call on Fraternity Row of a missing person at 3:12 a.m. on March 11.

“University Police become involved in missing person cases when they are reported and investigated by us,” Mays said. “We will help another agency if requested.  In this case, the person was not missing, but was in jail.”

Stolen golf cart

Three men in a stolen golf cart were arrested in the early morning hours of March 12. Two of the men, who were not SDSU students, offered the third individual a ride on the golf cart. The SDSU student did not know the cart was stolen, but he quickly found out when police stopped the joyride, arrested and transported him to jail for being drunk in public, and booked the other two men into county jail for grand theft.

Police didn’t know where the two men found the golf cart or the keys to start it.

Man poses on campus

A man “pretending to expose himself and pretending to faint” at 3:39 p.m. on March 12 was asked to leave campus when police arrived.

“(The) subject contacted was filming people’s reactions as they passed by,” Mays said. “He was not a student.”