Students lead a ‘pura vida’ lifestyle

by Cami Buckman, Staff Writer

There is a term used in Costa Rica known as “pura vida,” or pure life. Its spiritual and cultural meaning is not easily translated. Put simply, living a “pura vida” lifestyle means appreciating life in all of its varying forms — something college students can easily forget.

While studying abroad in Costa Rica, political science junior and San Diego native Kelilah Federman became engulfed in the “pura vida” lifestyle and decided to bring an aspect of it to San Diego State.

Federman’s “pura vida” was in yoga, a hobby she fell in love with three years ago after trying just one class.

Her appreciation and respect of the popular practice thus created the SDSU Yoga Club.

The Yoga Club meets every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon with free yoga flows.

On Wednesdays, the club gets together on the grassy area in front of the Viejas Arena ticket office.

“As students, we can become stressed out and neglect our bodies and the health of our minds. Yoga helps relieve the stress and anxiety that students may have,” Federman said.

The club provides a safe and friendly environment for SDSU students new to yoga.

Beginners are welcomed at all club events and are encouraged to participate.

“Meetings are not only a midweek stress reliever, but also an opportunity to connect with a diverse group of people,” public relations sophomore and Yoga Club Vice President of Marketing Shannon Sneade said.

On Sundays, the club carpools to a local beach and conducts a free beach yoga session.

These sessions have led to the club’s recent growth in membership.

Sneade recently led her first session.

“Leading my first beach yoga flow a few weeks ago was a gratifying experience, which is awesome because I not only provided free yoga to students but also further explored my craft,” she said.

Along with yoga sessions, this organization participates in monthly beach and community cleanups.

“In addition to the yoga, we really wanted to have some type of a positive impact on the community and the individuals in our group, as well as the environment around us,” Federman said.

Whether students are looking for a healthy activity, a place to create new friends or a stress-free environment, the Yoga Club is an organization made to find those comforts.

Creating a “pura vida” lifestyle may be challenging at first, but this club can contribute to finding the “zen” it requires.