6 reasons to get romantic about sports

by Ryan Posner, Sports Editor

With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s important to remember that just because sports can be portrayed as rough and rugged, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some romanticism involved.

Whether it’s seeing grown men openly weep (sorry Josh Norman and the rest of the Carolina Panther fan base), watching a movie about baseball that makes you feel emotional or taking someone out on a first date at a sporting event.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the passion we show for our sports team usually trumps the passion the average person puts into their romantic life.

So here’s six reasons to get romantic about sports.

1. The bro hug 

Bro hugs become perfectly acceptable after somebody hits a home run, throws for a big touchdown or nails a big 3-pointer to send your team into overtime (Malik Pope). Major League outfielder Nick Swisher has perfected the bro hug throughout his career in the MLB.


2. There IS crying in sports 

They say there’s no crying in sports, but if your team just won a big championship, or a big game, let those tears flow. This also applies for fans that see their team lose the big game.


3. Sports movies 

There isn’t a best sports movie category in the Oscars yet, but hopefully some day movie critics will get around to making that happen. While not every movie about sports is a box-office hit, you get movies like “Field of Dreams,” “The Blind Side,” “Rudy” or “Miracle” that are guaranteed tear-jerkers every time and goosebumps are an absolute certainty.



4. Sporting event for a first date 

A sporting event serves as a great place to take someone on a first date. Just try not to go too nuts when your team wins or loses. Also, if you get on the kiss cam, just put the beer down for a second.


5. No NFL on Valentine’s Day 

For all the ladies out there that had to deal with their significant others becoming mindless vegetables on Sunday (myself included) be thankful that the NFL is over by Valentine’s Day. That means to just accept the fact that most guys are mindless vegetables for the 20-something weeks prior.


6. Reactions from kids  

There’s nothing like seeing a kid smile when they get to interact with their favorite athlete.