Women’s Resource Center hosts first Galentine’s Day event

by Cami Buckman, Senior Staff Writer

Gal pals from all across San Diego State united at the Women’s Resource Center for the first ever Galentine’s Day event.

Galentine’s Day, a phrase coined by the popular TV show “Parks and Recreation,” is an event focused on celebrating the individual and friendship.

Psychology and Spanish junior Denyse Martinez attended Galentine’s Day because she admires the WRC.

“It’s a better way for us to connect with other women and to talk about not only women’s issues, but also campus events,” Martinez said.

The festivities began with mingling and complimentary food. After that, there was an endearing introduction from all participants. Each attendee went around the room and stated their name, followed by something they loved about themselves. Some responses by the women included their music taste, their curly hair, their Chicana attitude and even their sweet-tooth cravings.

After introductions, feminist peer educator Samantha Nordin discussed self-care with the group.

“Everyone can practice self-care,” Nordin said. “It’s not all about bubble baths or getting your hair and nails done.”

The dialogue focused on defining what self-care is and debunking commonly heard myths. Nordin focused the discussion on emphasizing the ambiguity of self-care as long as it centers on the individual.

“If you want to go for a run, get a Starbucks coffee, color in your coloring book, eat a slice of chocolate cake in your PJs while watching Netflix, do it,” Nordin said.

After the self-care discussion, a “Parks and Recreation” episode screening was next in the agenda of activities.

The gal pals in attendance gathered together in the Galentine’s Day spirit to watch the showing.

Among these gals was urban studies freshman Cam Morrison.

“I like it here at the Women’s Resource Center because the people are really friendly and it’s a nice environment to be in,” Morrison said.

Not only did this event promote friendships and individuality, but it also endorsed giving back to the community.

The local domestic violence shelter, Becky’s House, offers a safe space for women, men and children to overcome trauma and improve their overall well-being. Attendees of Galentine’s Day were encouraged and provided with materials to write letters and notes of encouragement to clients at Becky’s House.

After the screening and letter writing, the group talked about healthy relationships.

In this open discussion, the concepts of communication, boundaries and validation were explored among the women.

The inviting and friendly atmosphere provided by the WRC staff allowed for interactive and enlightening discussions among all of the participants in attendance of Galentine’s Day.

“I think the No. 1 thing the Women’s Resource Center provides is community,” Nordin said. “We provide a safe place and a starting point to talk with like-minded people.”