New west campus may have benefits, but some transportation issues

by Mackenzie Boss, Staff Columnist

Recent talk of the Chargers’ potential stadium change leaves Qualcomm Stadium out of commission.

This has opened up a discussion of what the stadium will eventually become, and amidst those talks the idea of the stadium becoming a “west campus” for San Diego State was born.

While SDSU has not officially endorsed this project as a university, President Elliot Hirshman spoke about the proposed idea in a blog post on April 5

While this proposed “SDSU West” seems like an exciting step forward in expanding SDSU, it could also mean big changes for students, faculty and others. 

With the proposed low-to-medium density housing, it brings up an issue of transportation as the students housed on that campus would have to arrange the way in which they would get to the main campus when needed. It is also important to keep in mind that most clubs and extracurricular activities at SDSU are all central to meeting at the main campus.

I believe there is something unique in having all students who are living in student housing living on the same campus.

This not only provides a sense of unity, but makes it easier and more convenient for students to get involved and be active within SDSU.

If students were forced to live in campus housing at SDSU West, it could lead to students feeling disconnected from those living in campus housing at the main campus. It could also effect how involved the students are at SDSU as a whole.

Also, if classrooms were to be expanded to SDSU West it would require alternative transportation for many students who live around the main campus area and currently walk or bike to get to class. Students would be forced to rely on cars or public transportation.

Another big concern for students is the question of where the money for this project would come from.

This is a logical concern as many students feel that the money could be going toward other projects.

SDSU’s beautiful campus is often a factor when prospective students are deciding whether or not they want to attend. If students’ classes were centered at SDSU West, they might not get to experience the campus the same way as students living in other housing areas.

Even with these concerns raised, there are many benefits that could come from developing SDSU West.

One benefit is that SDSU would be able to expand housing both for students and faculty, as well as develop a brand new research facility.

These factors could continue to improve SDSU’s reputation and appeal to the wants and needs of current and prospective students.

Also in the discussion is the reconstruction of the football stadium.

The Aztecs would play in this new stadium and this could help bring in revenue as more fans might be inclined to come to games.

I believe the overall idea of adding a west campus for SDSU would be beneficial to many people and increase the appeal of SDSU.

However, I feel that some details of the project would simply make things difficult for students.

One way around this is to ensure that if this project were to move forward, students would be able to voice their opinions and give input. By doing so, students could feel more accommodated and help push for the greater needs of everyone.