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Tasty Tuesday: Tako Factory definitely serves tacos

Cami Buckman

Located on El Cajon Blvd, tucked between an auto upholstery shop and a tire store, is a hidden gem in the College Area. This gem serves up, arguably, some of the best Mexican food in San Diego.

This hidden marvel is known as Tako Factory.

Tako Factory serves up a plethora of Mexican cuisine sure to satisfy the cravings of any hungry individual. Along with the obvious selection of tacos, Tako Factory offers a wide selection of burritos, bowls, quesadillas and O.M.G. fries. These include options like the wake n’ bake burrito, or chicken chipotle bowl. All of these options range from $7.25 to $8.75.

If the name didn’t already suggest, Tako Factory’s tacos are the main attraction. The Mahi taco includes everything that’s familiar to a fish taco: fish, cabbage and a creamy white sauce. However, this light and satisfying dish, topped with a hot sauce of choice, is not an average fish taco.

The adobada taco has a surprisingly smooth saltiness that isn’t overwhelming.

With the asada taco, there’s a familiarity that’s not hard to love. It’s easy to taste the freshness in the smokey asada meat and rich guacamole.

All tacos on the menu range from $3 to $3.45 each.

To the delight of many broke college students, taco Tuesday deals include $2 tacos and discounted beers.

“I love how low-key this place is,” child development junior Kara Bach said.“This place is really special.”

For those that love hot sauces, Tako Factory is the place to visit. Hot sauces are made fresh daily.

There’s the common green tomatillo sauce with a delicious blend of spicy and sweet flavors. On the other hand, there’s the one-of-a-kind peanut oil hot sauce. This peanut salsa blends perfectly with the flavors on any taco, burrito, or obviously, tortilla chips.

Many would argue that the best part of Mexican cuisine is the complimentary dish of chips and salsa served before the main course. After devouring the tasty chips and assortment of hot sauces served at Tako Factory, it’s difficult to leave room for the main meal.

Plastered along the walls of Tako Factory is their motto “O.M.G.”

O.M.G., or original Mexican gourmet, is a concept Tako Factory stands by for all menu items. Their goal is to provide the freshest ingredients at all times.

“Every ingredient here is fresh, and that’s what makes us different from everyone else,” a Tako Factory employee said.

It’s clear that the employees of Tako Factory care deeply for their food, and for the customers consuming it. Customers can’t help but feel like family when talking with the cheerful staff of Tako Factory.

“This is my first time here, and I feel like I’ve know the guys these employees for years,” Bach said.

For those looking to find a local taco shop filled with friendly faces, quality music playlists and tasty food, Tako Factory is worth a visit.


About the Contributor
Cami Buckman, Arts and Culture Editor
Cami Buckman is the editor of Arts and Culture and has been a writer for the section since Fall 2014. She is currently a senior majoring in journalism and double minoring in film and international studies. Follow her on all social media at @camibuckman
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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
Tasty Tuesday: Tako Factory definitely serves tacos