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Sexual battery suspect given probation

Glen Balancer was arrest in 2015 at SDSU and pleaded guilty to 3 counts of battery
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 A man who was arrested on Sept. 14, 2015 for two sexual battery incidents at San Diego State was sentenced to three years of probation after he served six months in county jail.

Glen Balancar, a former Southwestern College student, pleaded guilty to three counts of battery for allegedly harassing three Southwestern College students and to two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery at SDSU.

The City Attorney’s office said Balancar will need to undergo health treatment and full protective orders have been filed for all 10 victims of the SDSU and Southwestern College sexual battery cases.

One of the counts of sexual battery occurred Sunday Sept. 13, 2015.

Four suspects stole the personal belongings of a student at an east-campus residence hall. When they were inside the dorm Balancar, one of the suspects, asked a woman to touch his groin. When she refused he placed her hand on his penis.

The woman was able to escape the residence hall without being hurt.

The second incident occurred on Monday, Sept. 14 in the Life Sciences North building.

Balancar followed a woman to her classroom, sat close to her and touched her breast, according the the community safety alert.

The victim pushed him away, but Balancar attempted to touch her two more times before a student confronted him, causing him to leave the classroom.

Throughout the day there were other reports of him inappropriately approaching other woman.

Balancar also harassed a woman in the Southwestern College Library in September 2015.

Cristofer Garcia, a student at Southwestern College, said he saw Balancar approach his friend in the library the day she got harassed.

His friend was alone at a table when Balancar started talking to her.

“Glen came up and started a conversation with her,” Garcia said. “Then he took a seat next to her. She started moving away slowly around the table and Glen would move closer as she would move away.”

Garcia said the victim looked up, recognized him and started walking to his table.

When she got to him she started crying and told him Balancar was touching her and pointed at her thigh.

Balancar left the library and eventually Garcia and his friend told a librarian about the incident and called the police.

Days later, Balancer was arrested at SDSU.

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Sexual battery suspect given probation