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Adding a little bit of ‘BLIIS’ to everyday life

Courtesy of Harrison Barkman

Bliss by definition means to reach a state of perfect happiness, typically leading to oblivion of everything else that is unimportant.

The word bliss stuck with business administration and management freshman Harrison Barkman, leading him to create his own street wear clothing line.

BLIIS is a clothing company featuring minimalistic, trendy clothes that are individually embroidered with two roses on them.

Currently, the clothing line is run offline and his products consist of t-shirts and hats, but he said he is looking to expand in the future.

“(BLIIS) encompasses our attitudes toward living to be solely focused on simple happiness,” Barkman said. 

Barkman was born and raised in London until he was two-years-old, when he moved to Singapore, where he spent most of his life.

In high school, he decided to take a large risk by moving to Florida.

Having to live on his own and take care of himself is what made him start to care about the way he dressed.

Barkman dedicated most of his time to playing rugby and golf, which lead him to continue playing rugby here at San Diego State.

He said that moving to San Diego is one of the best choices he has made and he loves the lifestyle he now lives in California compared to Florida.

Barkman and a few of his friends started the brand in August 2016.

Within six months their dreams were quickly becoming true.

“San Diego State has endless facilities and people that BLIIS can connect with,” Barkman said. “The school is also such a hub for street wear, it is all around campus so I am hoping BLIIS can evolve and expand here in this area.”

Barkman said he intends to offer clothing that is casual yet unique to wearers.

Since Barkman started his own company, he said he never has to worry about online shopping again. 

“I’ve always been annoyed when I look for clothes and either sizes have run out or they don’t have exactly what I want or hoped for or the fit wasn’t quite right,” he said.

Pieces from the line include dark blue “dad hats,” black and white striped BLIIS logo shirts and a variety of other shirts, all with the two embroidered roses.

“The goal of the line is to create a positive feeling or vibe someone experiences when wearing one of our items,” he said.

The clothing line is just one way Barkman said he expresses himself.

The line helps encompass his creativity and positive outlook on life that he wants his shoppers to promote as well.

“Most people get so involved with ‘doing life right’ that they forget the most important thing, which is ‘happiness,” he said. “At the end of the day, people should have some BLIIS in their lives. It is a meaning and name we hold close to our hearts as it encompasses our attitudes towards life, work and play. Happiness is BLIIS.”

The young entrepreneur said he wants to live his life in a way that he is always happy, not sitting down all day working a nine-to-five desk job, but being able to use his creativity to influence the world.

The clothing line is currently aimed at male shoppers, with hopes of future expansion.

“BLIIS has created clothing that brings the highest of fashion while keeping a subtle attitude to it, so you can stay stylish with minimal effort,” business freshman Colin Kruger said.

In the future, Barkman said he hopes to create a women’s line, although the clothing could already be seen as unisex.

The line will be open to the public in less than two weeks. 

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Adding a little bit of ‘BLIIS’ to everyday life