Record Rewind: The 1st Annual GBTECFIE Award

by Trenton Villanueva

Trent, Blogger

Before the existence of the massively overrated band U2—or Snow Patrol, Two Door Cinema Club, The Thrills, My Bloody Valentine, Sinead O’Connor, Aslan, and many more—Ireland gave birth to the only band I considered worthy of my 1st annual GREATEST BAND TO EVER COME FROM IRELAND EVER award: Fruupp. While you may have never had the pleasure of hearing about (or hearing) Fruupp, dear readers, this is the perfect time for you to get acquainted with this year’s GBTECFIE award winner.

The early progressive rock band Fruupp first spawned from the abyssal depths of the exotic island-nation of Ireland (Northern Ireland technically) in 1971. The band unfortunately only existed for five years, released four albums, and never became commercially successful—aside from touring with the likes of Queen and the classic-era, Peter Gabriel fronted Genesis. Still, Fruupp pioneered a time when the only “known” Irish rock band was Thin Lizzy and what Fruupp lacks in actual success it more than makes up for in pure sonic awesomeness.

I generally do not like progressive rock, song lengths of seven minutes, or Irish bands not named The Cranberries. While Fruupp fits all three of my preconceived categories of musical hatred, I have to admit that I was blown away after hearing them for the first time. Fruupp’s musical arrangements are overly elaborate and their songs are lengthy. Still, Fruupp’s mixing of atmospheric organs with melodic, British Invasion style guitars is meticulous and well crafted, kind of like a more accessible version of Pink Floyd. Also, singer/bassist Peter Farrelly sounds remarkably similar to Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz, which is a nice bonus.

While Fruupp’s obscurity many only be rivaled by its irrelevance, it is an interesting example of the development of early Prog Rock and is, in my opinion, THE GREATEST BAND TO EVER COME FROM IRELAND EVER.

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