Michael Leggerie: 1996-2017

by Amal Younis, Contributor

San Diego State student Michael “Mikey” L. Leggerie, died on Sunday, April 9.

Leggerie, 21, was a music composition and mathematics double major. He was born in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, on January 7, 1996. He was brought up by two loving parents, Michael and Judy Leggerie, and a caring brother, Benjamin Leggerie.

A graduate of the Girard Academic Music Program in Philadelphia, Michael Leggerie’s passion was composing and performing music, and he was known for his musical talents and abilities.

He also achieved numerous distinctions in the Boy Scouts of America, won first place in a high school mathematics competition and was a member of the National Honor Society.

Much of his time was spent volunteering for causes and organizations such as ABC 6 Philadelphia, Breast Cancer Awareness, Women in Transition and many others.

SDSU alumnus Shannon Camp, a friend of  Michael Leggerie’s, said one of her favorite things about him was his political activism.

“He had all these really poignant opinions and really on-point insights about stuff in the political sphere,” Camp said.

Music composition professor Joseph Waters said Leggerie was a sweet, sensitive, idealistic young man with a strong moral compass, as well as a talented composer.

Judy Leggerie said because of the circumstances of her son’s death, she encourages any student who feels he or she is alone ”to always remember there is joy in reaching out to others and sharing your story.”

“Because no matter how hard it may be, there is no better gift you can give yourself, than to love yourself,” she said.“I know it’s hard to be away from family and the people that care about you, but we’re always here and only a phone call away.”

Students experiencing a mental health crisis can contact the San Diego Crisis Team 1 (888) 724-7240 or SDSU Counseling & Psychological Services (619) 594-5220.