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Wiggle Room exhibit displays graduate art

Photo by Samantha Bonpensiero
Located in the SDSU University Gallery, art displayed in the Wiggle Room exhibit showcases the work of graduate students.

San Diego State School of Art and Design graduate students have “wiggled” their way into the Wiggle Room.

The annual art exhibition showcases the work of first, second and third-year graduate students.

Wiggle Room opened on Oct. 2 and runs until Oct. 18. There will be a reception in the gallery on Thursday, Oct. 5, from 6-9 p.m.

This exhibition includes painting, furniture design, jewelry and metalwork, interior design, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography and graphic design.

“It is really interesting to view each other’s work in context of each other and to see where they are coming from,” graduate student Kelly Temple, an artist who has three pieces in the exhibit, said. “The reception is always popular and last years was really solid.”

Stewart Parker, a second year graduate student, is one of the artists and members of the installation committee.

He said the name of the exhibition was chosen from the student’s suggestions.

“Wiggle Room was not the silliest or the most serious, so that is the one that got picked,” Parker said.

There are four total galleries in the art building with exhibits frequently on display.

Parker said one of the problems art students face is effectively spreading the word to get students involved.

“For second and third years, we see our pieces in our studios all the time, but it is completely different to see them in a professional setting,” Parker said. “It is important because it transforms the work.”

He said the exhibition is a good way for first year graduate students to display their work.

“I wish there were more galleries placed on different parts of campus so it could be more accessible to people outside of the arts,” Temple said.

These galleries act as art outlets on campus and even undergraduates can have access to them for exhibitions.

Parker believes the gallery is important because it provides an important experience for the students. He said their work would just collect dust in the studios if not displayed.

“The whole reason we are here is to enrich our culture, so if you aren’t connecting to the public then what’s the point?” Parker said. “We put up a mirror to social issues while communicating our ideas about the world and the gallery gives us helpful feedback from the public.”

The SDSU University Art Gallery will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The artists featured in the exhibit will be at the reception on Oct. 5 to talk to anyone interested in the artwork or the art program.

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Wiggle Room exhibit displays graduate art