San Diego State should provide healthier food options

by Jordan Rubin, Contributor

San Diego State offers many restaurants students can enjoy while using their meal plan, but deciding where to eat on campus can be difficult because of the number of options.

The closest and most popular restaurants can be found in the Student Union, and are ones many students enjoy.

“I love going to Oggi’s pizza with my friends because it has a variety of options.” said business administration freshman Rachel Brown.

Although SDSU has a variety of options, the restaurants offered aren’t necessarily healthy or quality choices, and many students eat at their preferred restaurant various times throughout the week.

The SDSU meal plans vary by price and preference, which allows students to decide on the best plan for their specific needs. However, some meal plan options may cause students to lose money if they do not spend it each day — the meal plan does not carry over. Only the most expensive meal plan does this.

This rule should be removed and the money from each day should roll over if it was not spent regardless of the meal plan chosen. Why should students have to pay a higher price for a common-sense accommodation to their meal plan?

SDSU also needs more healthy options on campus. Other schools such as UC San Diego offer many high-end, good quality restaurants. Such restaurants include the Blue Pepper Asian Cuisine which sells healthy Thai and vegetarian options, Home Plate which offers salads or Lemongrass Farm Fresh Plates which provides students with natural chicken, salmon and tofu with a healthy Asian fusion twist.

One healthy option at SDSU is The Garden — a buffet with minimal options.

SDSU should focus on the quality of the food rather the quantity of the restaurants offered.

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