Sexual assault reported on 55th Street

by Will Fritz and Amal Younis

A previous version of this story said the sexual assault occurred at a fraternity house. University police have since told The Daily Aztec their media bulletin had an incorrect location for the assault, and updated the bulletin to reflect this.

San Diego State police are investigating a report of a sexual assault near campus.

The assault was reported to officers by a friend of the victim’s at about 2 a.m. Oct. 8, according to a university police media bulletin. The incident was believed to have occurred about two hours earlier at a party in the 5400 block of 55th Street.

A suspect has been identified but is not in custody, university police Cpl. Mark Peterson said in an email.

The case is under investigation and will be submitted to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office if needed, Peterson said.

SDSU Chief Communications Officer Christine Hutchins declined to comment for this story.