REVIEW: El Valedor Seafood stand out in sea of food trucks


Photo by Ceighlee Fennel

The fish taco is one of the most popular items on El Valdeor Seafood’s menu.

by Ceighlee Fennel, Staff Writer

In a vast sea of food trucks, El Valedor Seafood stands out in the College Area.

The menu has a variety of seafood dishes that include fish tacos, shrimp burritos, surf and turf, octopus tostadas, oysters, cocktails and clamatos.

It also has incorporated beef into some of the dishes if customers do not want seafood. El Valedor is located on the corner of University Avenue and College Avenue, close to campus and accessible to students.

According to manager Denis Martinez, the fish tacos are the most popular items during the weekdays, and the busiest time to visit is noon.

“I love the fish tacos and tostadas because they are delicious,” devoted customer Amber Love said. “I also enjoy the customer service.”

On a scale of one to five, with one being bad and five being awesome, Love rated their food a five.

The fish tacos are delicious with fresh ingredients and flaky fish. The breading around the fish is light and crunchy.

Each taco is $1.50 and is packed with ingredients that provide a satisfying meal.

If fish tacos are not appealing to some, El Valedor also has other deals on different food items.

“One of the biggest ways we compete with our competitors is because our food is cheap and seafood is supposed to be expensive,” Martinez said. “We also serve good food.”

El Valedor uses real fruit in their authentic drinks.

There is an arrangement of the different chips and sauces customers can grab on the side of the truck. There are around 60 items on the menu, and the food truck only takes cash payment.

The seafood menu is what gives El Valedor Seafood a unique edge compared to its competitors.

The parking lot is shared between the truck and a Discount General Store. This makes it easy to park and walk up to order.

After ordering, the food is cooked and served quickly.

There are tables to sit at underneath pop-up tents next to the truck.

A food truck has been in this location for three years now, but it was not always El Valedor Seafood. Martinez had his own family-run food truck in the same location, but a year ago there was a split and a new boss took over—this is how El Valedor Seafood came to be today. 

“I decided to start the truck when I was working two jobs and 16 hours a day because I wanted to save up for it,” Martinez said. “Now I work for myself instead of a different job.”

Now, Martinez wants to save up again and buy this truck in the future.

Overall, the food was delicious and the service was fast. It is quick and accessible for cars and the community.

El Valedor Seafood is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.