Special Commentary: Why students shouldn’t have to buy their own scantrons

by Ava Grubschmidt

Students at San Diego State are expected to purchase their own scantrons for exams. This is frustrating.

As a nonresident, I am paying upwards of $396 per unit. Why wouldn’t a scantron be included in this price? Books are not included in the $396, so what is that money going towards?

A 50 cent scantron should be budgeted into the class cost.

Debt is already an issue many post grads face. At the very least the university could cover the small cost of a necessity — the scantron needed to take a test and pass the class. It’s a small way to ease the stress of school.

Buying scantrons before tests is an inconvenience and a hassle. It becomes just one more thing students have to budget time for.

There are bigger issues happening at SDSU. However, little changes like this can help students in the long run. A college student’s day can be made when someone gives them something as simple as a free drink. The school can make this small change to ease the burden on students, and make them happier and less stressed.


Ava Grubschmidt is a freshman studying public health.