Kardashian venture competes for online gamers

by Miranda Adler

Courtesy of rivalspot.com
Courtesy of rivalspot.com

All it takes to keep up with Rob Kardashian is a gaming console and Internet connection. Kardashian’s newest business venture, rivalspot.com, is an online gaming platform where console gamers compete against each other with the latest PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games for cash. Rivalspot is currently hosting a fraternity FIFA Challenge that ended today which includes more than 60 universities all along the West Coast with the chance to win $10,000. San Diego State’s Sigma Nu and Phi Psi are among the teams competing.

Kardashian said what started out as a business plan in a college course has turned into the leading online gaming destination to play video games for cash. A self-professed gaming addict, Kardashian said he sees Rivalspot as an opportunity for young people to become involved and interact together, a fun social activity. Kardashian said he’s been setting up tournaments since he was in high school, but Rivalspot has become his first legitimate gaming organization.

Players simply log on to rivalspot.com, set up an account and then are given the chance to either create a tournament or join one. Registration is free and entry fees per tournament vary. Rivalspot offers two types of tournaments, both multiplayer and head-to-head direct, allowing for all levels on the site. To find an open tournament, browse the sponsored tournament section and register, pay a fixed fee for the first round only and let the games begin.

In a multiplayer tournament, anywhere from four to 32 players can participate, though each round is a two-player competition with the winner advancing to the next round. Prizes are usually awarded after each round.

Though novice and expert levels are allowed, each game on Rivalspot has its own point system to determine the top players to look out for.

“You gotta know how to play the game if you wanna win the big bucks,” Kardashian said.

Because play is based on skill as opposed to luck, as many online gambling games are, the site is completely legal. Play on, players.