A.S. presents ‘Best of Aztec Nights’ in upcoming event


Kelly Smiley

The campus carnival Aztec Nights event in September of 2016 featured a ferris wheel and other classic carnival rides free for students to enjoy.

by Nicole Badgley, Senior Staff Writer

San Diego State’s Aztec Nights are a time for students to gather together with new friends, and old ones too, for a night of various activities, fun and games.

Associated Students is kicking off the spring semester with plenty of Aztec Nights. On Friday, Jan. 30, A.S. will be hosting the Best of Aztec Nights on the Campanile Walkway and Hepner Hall from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

This free event, which is also co-sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs and Student Life and Leadership, will feature past Aztec Nights favorites like a ride from the campus carnival, a DJ from the red and black dance, a mechanical bull from the barnyard bash and massage therapists from Treat Yourself.

Junior Nevin Agsalon works for the Division of Student Affairs and Student Life and Leadership. He is also an Aztec Nights marketing assistant for Student Life and Leadership.

“I think the purpose of the Aztec Nights is to sort of provide a welcome back celebration for students who come back from summer break or winter break and give them a place to spend time with new students and all their old friends.”

He said that this event is special because it combines key elements of previous Aztec Nights into this one special night.

“This event is called the Best of Aztec Nights because in this event alone there will be key parts of previous Aztec Nights events such as the carnival, the red and black dance — small important parts of other events will all be put together for this one event,” Agsalon said. “Like, for example, there’ll be rides from the carnival, there’ll be a DJ and there will be the mechanical bull from the barnyard bash.”

Senior public administration major Mikayla Hatala said she’s excited for this event Friday because she only went to a couple of the previous Aztec Nights.

“I’m definitely excited that there’s going to be carnival rides and also a mechanical because I’ve never been on one,” Hatala said. “There’s going to be a photo booth which is cool because you get to keep your college memories forever. Plus I can’t say no to free food and massages.”

In addition to activities and rides, there will also be student performances from various groups on campus including Iota Eta Pi comedy improv, Aztec Dance Marathon and the student Dragstravaganza divas.

Angela Martinez is a political science senior who has been attending Aztec Nights since she first started school at SDSU.

“I remember first going my freshman year to the Aztec Nights and they were always super fun and there’s always lots of things to do,” Martinez said. “I met one of my lifelong best friends at my first Aztec Night. It’s really cool because you get to meet other people and students who you would have never met before.”

She said she hasn’t been to all of the previous Aztec Nights so she is excited that this one will have all the activities that she previously missed out on.

“Since I’m a senior, I’m excited that this event is happening and that I get to attend and maybe before I graduate meet new people and make new friends.”